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Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is a Service-Learning programme by Youth Corps Singapore to nurture confident and resilient youths who are active citizens with the desire to make a difference both at home and overseas.

Thank you for taking part in YEP-GO. We believe it was a challenging, meaningful and rewarding journey in learning through the rendering of service to others. Please take some time to share your thoughts with us. Your responses will help us evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the YEP-GO programme.

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   - Please complete and submit this feedback form after you complete your online project phase.

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Section 1: YEP-GO Information

check with your team leader on the email address to use and double check for accuracy
Endorsing Organisation (EO) / Programme Funding Partner (PF) of your YEP-GO
the YEP grant will be disbursed to you / your team through this organisation
[Month] Your YEP-GO Project started in
After this YEP-GO experience, would you be interested to lead a YEP-GO team?

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