National Youth Fund (NYF) Application


NYF Youth Programmes/ Capability Development (YPCD) Thematic Grant Call 

The National Youth Council (NYC) Singapore would like to invite partners to submit their proposals for the NYF Youth Programmes/ Capability Development (YPCD) grant call for Jobs and Future of Work.

This NYF Thematic Grant Call draws upon data and sentiments to address an ongoing need to support youths in:
i) Navigating their career pathways/ workplaces; and 
ii) Making more informed decisions about their internship and career choices.

Note: Please ensure that you have read and referenced the NYF Outcomes Measurement Toolkit prior to completing this form. The toolkit provides a starting point for youth organisations to measure impact. The indicators are non-exhaustive and should be built upon with additional project-specific indicators beyond those in the toolkit.

You are required to submit a completed version of this form if the requested grant amount for your NYF project is above $5,000. Please remember to save/ email yourself a copy of the completed form and submit it along with your project application (on OSG). 

Please reach us at , if you encounter any difficulties.

Thank you.

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