YEP-GO Overseas Host Partners' Feedback Form   

Instructions to YEP-GO Leader:   
- This form shall be completed by the Overseas Host Partner. YEP-GO Leader should provide information and assistance where necessary.   
- Please complete in English. If the host partner is unable to answer in English, please request or provide assistance.   
- Please complete and submit this feedback form after the Online Project phase.

Dear Overseas Host Partner,

YEP-GO (YEP Goes Online) is a digital programme by Youth Corps Singapore. 
Teams plan and execute an Online Project that involves an overseas host partner that is a not-for-profit organisation or a representative from the overseas host community.

Thank you for providing the YEP-GO team the opportunity to serve and learn. Your feedback as a host partner / community will help us evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the YEP-GO programme.

Please complete all the questions and "Submit Survey"After you cl
ick "Submit Survey", you will see your responses to this survey and a hyperlink "Email this Report" near the top of the page. Please email a copy of your responses to yourself and the YEP-GO Leader for record.

Please allow 10 minutes to complete the form.

YEP-GO Information - please request information from YEP-GO leader if unsure

please request from YEP-GO team leader if unsure
please check with team leader on the email address to use and double check for accuracy

Section 1: YEP-GO Online Project

This YEP-GO Online Project focused on the following causes / people:
choose at least one, at most three
Which United Nation Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you think the YEP-GO Online Project of this team is addressing?
choose at least one, at most three

Section 2: YEP-GO Overseas Host Partner

Section 3: Feedback / Suggestions

How was your overall experience in hosting this YEP-GO team?
The project by this YEP-GO team was helpful to my organisation / community(ies).
Were youth(s) from your community or organisation involved in the project? 
The experiences were helpful in...
TopicsStrongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
developing youth(s) from your community / organisation
developing youth(s) in the YEP-GO team
engagement with the community only i.e. exclude correspondences / coordination for the project
Format: dd/mm/yyyy
Format: dd/mm/yyyy
What is the duration of this YEP-GO team's engagement each time?
I feel that the duration is
no. of pax
The team size was suitable for your organisation / community to host.
You and your community have learnt more about Singapore and its youth.

Thank you for taking time to give us your feedback.

After you click "Submit Survey", you will see your responses to this survey and a hyperlink "Email this Report" near the top of the page.

Please email a copy of your responses to yourself and the YEP-GO Leader for record.

Click "Submit Survey" once and wait a few seconds...


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